The Most Important Google Products and Services

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Google Products and Services

he Most Important Google Products and Services

When it comes to Google, most people associate it with the most used browser in the world. However, the American company has many more Google products and services that are designed and developed to meet the various needs of society.

It is worth mentioning that most of the Google products and services, such as Google Drive, Google Meet, Gmail, YouTube, etc., have a mobile version that is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

  1. Google Chrome, Google Search Engine and Chrome Web Store
  2. Google Products and Services: Gmail and Google Drive
  3. Google Docs and Google Photos
  4. Google Products and Services: YouTube and Chrome Cast
  5. Google Maps and Google Earth
  6. Google Activate
  7. Google Products and Services: Google Pixel, Android and Google Play
  8. Google Products and Services: Google Home

Google Chrome, Google Search Engine and Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome is the best browser for Android because of its simple interface and features that make the user experience easier, like plugins. Plugins are available on the Chrome Web Store and provide Google Chrome with some additional features depending on the capabilities of each extension. Google Chrome is available for various operating systems including: Linux, MacOS X, Android, Windows, and iOS.

The Google Chrome browser is the most used search engine in the world with millions of searches per day on various topics. This service is probably the most familiar to users, since it not only allows them to find information on any topic, but it is also a platform to access other services from the same company.

The Chrome Web Store is Google's online store for Google Chrome applications and plugins. It has countless tools that add to the functionality of the browser and make simple tasks like downloading videos from the Internet easy. In addition, the Chrome Web Store includes a catalog of search engine themes that allows you to change its appearance every time you open a new tab.

Google Products and Services: Gmail and Google Drive

Gmail is a free email service created and developed by Google Inc. It currently has over 1.5 billion registered users and they have built-in access to features like Google Docs, Google Meet, and Hangouts, and in some countries, they can even send money from their Gmail account. On the other hand, the platform has a business-oriented version that resides in Workspace, which is an area dedicated to business services, including Google Drive and Gmail. It allows you to create a domain to manage your company and its information in different areas.

Google Drive is a cloud storage service created by Google to upload files of various formats to a virtual memory on the internet. It offers 15 GB of free space, which is shared with other services like Gmail and Google Photos. In addition, it also has a smartphone app that is also compatible with iOS, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can sync your device and upload everything from your phone. It is worth mentioning that this service also allows you to share folders with other Gmail users so that they can view, modify, and even download files.

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If you want more space in your Google Drive account, you can purchase up to 5TB of additional storage to store your files. It's also worth noting that Google Drive integrates other services into its interface, such as: Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.

Google Docs and Google Photos

Google Docs is a Google text editor from which you can create or edit any document. It is a good alternative to programs like Microsoft Word or Open Office because its interface is easy for almost any user to understand and use. You can access this feature from Google Drive or by visiting the main Google Docs site. Like Google Drive, the service includes Google Slides (an alternative to Power Point), Google Sheets (a variant of Excel), and Google Forms (specializes in creating forms or quizzes). Each of these can be found on the Google Docs page.

Google Photos is a smaller version of Google Drive for storing photos and videos in the cloud. It allows you to free up space on your smartphone and access the gallery on any other device using your Gmail account, since it has a web and mobile version compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Products and Services: YouTube and Chrome Cast

YouTube is the most famous online video streaming service in the world. A visionary project created in 2005 by two university students; it is now considered the biggest video content platform on the Internet. With over a billion users, it allows you to enjoy a wide range of content online for free (or for a fee). YouTube is installed by default on high-end Android devices (smartphones), allowing people who use it to access their accounts and enjoy personalized content. In addition, the platform offers a web version from where you can upload or edit videos on your channel. It is worth mentioning that large and small companies are committed to advertising on this network.

Chrome Cast is a small device that combines DLNA and Miracast technology, allowing users to share any media from a computer, tablet, or PC to a smart TV. It was developed by Google and can be set up from the Google home page in just a few steps.

Google Maps and Google Earth

This is Google's navigation and location service, with which you can obtain images, information, and even exact coordinates of any point or institution on the map. It works on computers and smartphones, even if you don't have a Google account. However, on mobile, you need to sign in to your Gmail account to access the App Store to download it. On the other hand, thanks to the constant updates of this service, it is possible to obtain a precise image of the street or avenue through Street Image.

Google Earth is a service similar to Google Maps, but with a different interface, since it allows you to "visit" the whole world from your computer or phone and get satellite images from anywhere. It is very popular among the public due to its cool features, which include searching for a specific location to get exact directions.

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Google Products and Services
Google Products and Services

Google Ads and Google AdSense

These allow potential customers or advertisers to place an ad "banner" in the main window of Google's search engine or anywhere else they find useful for their brand. This can be in the form of images, video, or text, depending on the choice of the company. As expected, this is a paid service that you can hire using your Google Ads account.

Google AdSense is basically the opposite of the previous one, but with the same goal: monetization. Google AdSense is a platform by Google that allows website owners to earn income by placing ads on their sites. It does this by providing different categories for advertisers including: content, mobile content, syndication, video, domain, referral, and search.

Google Activate

The rise of this service provides growth opportunities for those in the digital space. It allows individuals or companies to acquire knowledge in various technical fields such as digital marketing through face-to-face or virtual courses. Most last 40 hours and are accredited upon completion by prestigious schools such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau or the Institute of Industrial Organization.


Google Meet and Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a Google service designed specifically to help you organize your day on a personal or professional level. It is an alternative to the usual calendar on your smartphone. Google Calendar syncs with your phone, Gmail account, and other devices to keep you informed about notifications or reminders on your phone. Plus, you can view the day's activities from another computer.

Google Meet is a video calling service created and developed by Google that combines Google Hangouts and Google Chat. It works as a digital platform or mobile application that allows videoconferences with up to 30 participants who can be invited to the room through a link or security code. Some of the great features of Google Meet include: Google Calendar integration, real-time AI captions, the ability to host meetings with real numbers, and more.

Google Products and Services: Google Pixel, Android and Google Play

Continuing with the development of new Google products and services in the field of telecommunications, Google decided to also develop its own smartphone. It's called Pixel, and its latest version, the Pixel 4, aims to compete with the world's biggest phone brands.

Android is the main competitor to Apple's iOS operating system, as it is the operating system that is used on a large number of smartphones around the world. It was developed by Google, inspired by free Linux software. It is worth mentioning that its success lies in the fact that it currently supports a variety of devices including: televisions, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and even vehicles. Through this service, users can use other features or functions that Google installs as a default on mobile phones (smartphones). These include the official Android app store, Google Play, or the Play Store, where you can download or buy books, music, movies, and apps.

Google Play is, as we all know, the official Google App store. It is installed by default on Android devices and allows you to download or purchase any application or content available for your phone. In turn, it combines other services such as Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies, which contain books, music and movies, respectively. It is also compatible with the iOS operating system.

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Google Products and Services: Google Home

A device inspired by voice assistance, created as a remote control for any smart device that syncs with Google Home. Its home automation-based operation allows you to perform simple tasks such as shopping online or turning off the TV simply by sending a command to the device.

There is no doubt that it is impossible to resist the charm of this technological giant. These are the most used Google tools, but not all, because Google is always evolving, both in the development of Google products and services and in navigating through new business areas.

It has an almost endless list of Google products and services that can make various tasks in many areas of life easier. In addition, the American giant does not save on costs and, as always, uses its technology to create new Google products and services for the convenience of the public.


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