Google Product Manager: Is It New?

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Google Product Manager

Google Product Manager: Creativity at The Service of The Product

If you've worked in product development for a while, you should understand the important role that a Google product manager plays in the company. You are part of a team that imagines, designs, and manufactures products with unique characteristics.

A Google product manager position plays a central role in leading these projects by understanding how these products can have a positive impact on customers' lives.

  1. Google Product Manager: Creativity at The Service of The Product
  • What Is a Product Manager?
  • What Is the Role of a Google Product Manager?
  • Work As a Product Manager
  • New Products and The Role of The Product Manager
  • Google Product Manager Skills
  • Sundar Pichai: The Google Product Manager Who Is an Example of Meritocracy
  • What Is a Product Manager?

    A product manager is a person who sets the strategy for creating products, oversees the implementation of those products, and ultimately keeps track of user reactions to the product.

    Organizations have a chief executive officer or chief marketing officer who manages strategy, while product managers oversee implementation and consumer research.

    Others appoint project managers to manage product implementation, while product managers focus on strategy and user resources.

    Here, it is important to know the difference between a product manager and a project manager. In simple terms, the responsibilities of a product manager are not static. Typically, a product manager is responsible for creating the long-term vision for the product, defining the path to achieve it, and communicating the strategy to other team members.

    Product managers may have different levels of responsibility for each of these roles. It depends on their rank in the organization.

    What Is the Role of a Google Product Manager?

    In general, a Google product manager creates roadmaps for the development of new products or defines their characteristics. They validate the concept that the product meets the requirements; develop it, and then release it on time.

    The Google product manager is responsible for market research, creating product specifications, and creating project schedules that are shared with the entire development team.

    While there is no magic formula to become the best Google product manager, there are several qualities that they must have to ensure the success of the project.

    • They need to know how to investigate and listen.
    • Think about the future.
    • Have experience in products.
    • Have good communication skills.
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    Product managers drive product strategy by understanding the overall needs of customers, products, and markets. A good product manager should be the voice of the customer, the product visionary, the team leader, and the strategic leader.

    A Google product manager role is customer-focused. Product managers figure out what users need, prioritize what to build next, and bring the team together to develop a product roadmap.

    Product management allows them to integrate product design with business strategy. This is an ideal position for someone who wants to use their knowledge of business and consumer behavior to create something that will satisfy all stakeholders.

    It stands at the unique intersection of business insight, technology, and user experience. Any product that is developed must be oriented to the business objectives of the company.

    Through a deep understanding of customer and business needs, product management ensures that products not only achieve their goals, but are also well received by the public.

    Google Product Manager
    Google Product Manager

    Work As a Product Manager

    Armed with a deep understanding of the product, the goals of the organization, and the needs of the customer, the Google product manager must determine the right time to launch the product and how to launch it.

    • Communicate the organization's vision to drive product development.

    To achieve this functionality, they need to know how to build a product and decide how to build it based on the company’s vision: what needs to be done to sell it and generate revenue. In short, it drives the brand's production team to achieve results that align with the company's vision and propels everyone involved in the process towards commercial success.

    • Develop a vision-based market strategy

    Once production is underway, it is time to prepare and develop a marketing plan based on the product’s vision. This way, you can create successful campaigns that meet the established sales goals. The strategic planning of a company involves identifying key areas of investment to determine the most appropriate activities to achieve the objectives of the product.

    • Communicate the product strategy to other members of the organization.
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    The work is characterized by direct work and relationships with different teams and departments. Product managers need to ensure they have the same vision for the product and understand the strategy and planned activities; this will facilitate business success.


    New Products and The Role of The Product Manager

    Even without an engineering or product design degree, product managers must work in teams and define the requirements that a product must meet. If you commit to this role, you should develop these recommendations based on customer needs (using your own reviews or research) and use all available technical knowledge (basic insight required ) to avoid making requests that cannot be implemented.

    • Determine the date, price, and features of the product to be launched.

    They are responsible for managing the publishing process and how it is carried out. They’ll need to plan every action and strategy to complete the launch goals. This includes merging different company functions and reorganizing key teams: marketing, sales, and customer service.

    • Analysis of the results of the introduction of new products

    Evaluate the statistics and results of the implementation of the product. That way, they can make changes to improve their results or plan new strategies to increase their success in the future.

    • Use market research to understand customer needs.

    Now that the product manager is familiar with the consumer buying process and knows who the key consumers of new products are, they need to know how to develop a launch plan. They can do this by creating a survey or requesting feedback to help them better understand their customers' needs. This will give them a clear idea of what product features can be improved to successfully resolve customer issues.

    • Master all management tasks in the product development team

    Managers should know how to work quickly and regularly. Avoid disruptions such as changes in product design, manufacturing, or advertising. They know how to lead a development team through the whole process.

    Google Product Manager Skills

    To perform tasks effectively, a Google product manager is selected for their skills: they must be able to recognize the needs of others and have a good intuition to make decisions about products.

    • Ability to make decisions: They have to be able to prioritize customer needs and align them with company resources to achieve effective solutions.
    • Excellent communication skills: Being able to break down and explain strategy to all stakeholders.
    • Effective task delegation: Trust team members to get the job done.
    • Leadership skills: It is important to know how to communicate when a decision has been made and the ability to generate motivation for its realization.
    • Investigative Power: Draw conclusions based on customer feedback.
    • Multitasking: Have balance while working on different phases and different products at the same time.
    • Be flexible: Especially when updating an idea or rejecting it if it is no longer valid.
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    Sundar Pichai: The Google Product Manager Who Is an Example of Meritocracy

    He joined Google in 2004 and has brought his talents as a Google product manager to the company.

    Since its inception, the company has developed the most popular search engine, the Google Chrome browser, and the Android operating system, which is the world's most popular mobile phone operating system. So, it's quite ironic that Pichai didn't have a phone until he was 12 years old.

    Pichai comes from humble beginnings. His family lived in a two-bedroom house and he had to sleep in the living room with his younger brother.

    One of his mentors claimed that Pichai was "the smartest guy of his generation." There was no television or car at home either.

    His father was the one who planted the technological seeds in his mind.

    After graduation, Pichai received a scholarship to Stanford University in California. His trip to America cost more than his father's annual salary.

    On Google, Pichai is described as a slim, well-liked guy. It's also popular with developers and organizers of I/O, Google's annual developer event.

    To date, his mission has been featured in some of Google's top navigation, advertising, and research products.


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