Google Office Products: Adapting to Changes


Recently, the pace of work and the way of working have changed a lot. There is no doubt that flexibility leads to the proliferation of mixed models in companies. Therefore, collaboration tools must adapt to this situation to facilitate teamwork anytime, anywhere.

Google office products, brought together in Google Workspace, is a system of tools that seamlessly integrates all the essential elements of teamwork, such as email, chat, voice and video calls, shared documents, task management, administration console or security tools, so employees and users can easily connect, create, and collaborate.

  1. Why Should Companies Initiate the Change?
  2. What Are the Google Office Products Included in Workspace Used For?
    1. Gmail Postmaster
    2. Google Calendar
    3. Google Drive
    4. Google Meet: Video Call Service
    5. Google Chat Messaging Service
  3. Google Office Products: Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations
  4. Free Workspace Google Office Products

Why Should Companies Initiate the Change?

With the change in workspaces, these Google office products are a modern and secure solution that gives companies effective opportunities to work remotely.

  • Smooth learning curve: All tools are designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and interconnected to facilitate flexible, user-focused work.
  • Multi-device access: Google Workspace is 100% cloud-based, allowing any user to connect and access all their content and tools from any device and location.
  • Real-time collaboration: Advanced collaboration features and cloud-based documents allow to work across locations with constant access to effective communication and shared document management.
  • Make Decisions Fast: Perform everyday tasks like turning a meeting into a video conference with a single click, so you can make decisions anytime, anywhere, and improve productivity and collaboration.
  • Maximum security: Google office products are secure and work to protect information, identities, applications, and devices; all in one of the safest clouds in the industry.
  • Personalization: There are many Google office products that adapt to the daily work of each business and user so that teams can work together as needed.
  • Cost savings: Costs are reduced by reducing investment in local infrastructure. Also, payment plans are flexible to accommodate different situations.

What Are the Google Office Products Included in Workspace Used For?

Overall, Google Workspace can be used to change the way people collaborate, communicate, maximize team time, and turn ideas into real business impact with flexible, built-in tools that are easily accessible.

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We can divide the impact of Google Workspace on companies into three categories.

  • Make teamwork more flexible and useful for all parties involved.
  • Facilitate connections between people, wherever they are.
  • Work smarter and safer.

Ultimately, this means happier teams and better results.

How Many Google Office Products Are Available in Workspace?

When we talk about Google Workspace, we're not just talking about several productivity tools in the cloud; we're talking about an integrated universe of Google office products. Workspace makes it so users don't know where one app ends and the next begins, and everything works as a single experience, highlighting the features users need the most. This app-to-app communication is essential for experiences to be as personal and fulfilling as possible, and for the agility of working with people, teams, and places.

Additionally, Google Workspace was built into the cloud to provide a faster and more flexible experience in hybrid environments.

Gmail Postmaster

Gmail is more than an email service; you can also make phone calls or video calls, share files, assign tasks, or chat in an integrated way. In addition, the interface can be customized to meet the individual preferences of each user.

It also allow to:

  • Customize the display of emails.
  • Create contact lists and groups.
  • Keep track of sent and received messages (with reminders).
  • Include personal and professional signatures.
  • Autocomplete messages with suggested terms and phrases.
  • Classify emails through labels and folders.
  • Synchronize with other platforms (such as Google Calendar, Chat, and Meet).

Google Calendar

Google's cloud calendar service, which you can share with others, add events and invitations, and search the web for events that may interest you.

Some of the best features of Google Calendar:

  • Personal electronic diary: you can record everything, news, schedule meetings, schedule appointments, and more.
  • Create an event, such as a video call with a group of people: You can create a meeting by specifying the month, day, and time, and the participants. Google Calendar schedules and creates video calls for you on that specified date.
  • Mobile access: Receive event notifications and reminders on your phone.

Calendar integrates with other apps so you can create events and share different calendars to better plan your daily work and check the availability of other colleagues.

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With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events, and receive reminders so you always know what's coming up. Calendars are designed for teams, so it's easy to share schedules with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

Google Drive

Drive is a flexible and secure file storage space with private and shared drives, and centralized management to manage sharing options and comply with data regulations.

Google Drive allows you to upload, save, create, modify, share, and access multiple documents, files, and folders in one place: the cloud.

You will be able to access these files on the web from your mobile device, or from a desktop or laptop computer.

A Google Apps account gives you unlimited file storage and organization space.

Google Meet: Video Call Service

Google Office Products
Google Office Products

This is a virtual meeting service developed by Google. It was previously known as Hangouts Meet, but since its official launch in 2017 it has adopted the name it has today. The platform works on all devices and is perfect for business use.

To use Google Meet, you first need a valid Gmail account. Next, you need a device to connect to the app. Google Meet is compatible with a variety of devices, whether they're desktop computers, tablets, or phones, as long as they're running Android 6 or iOS 14 (and later).

Google Meet uses Google's global infrastructure to make video conferencing easy and reliable.

The main objective of the platform is to provide real communication with a group of people located in different geographical points through high-quality video calls. Whether for business, commercial, educational, or personal use.

To do this, it uses a very intuitive interface that allows all participants to transfer video and audio. It also has a chat feature that can send text messages and media files to enrich the conversation.

Another related feature that Google Meet shares with other similar apps is the "Presentation" feature, which allows users to share all or part of a user's computer screen. It is widely used in business meetings and educational meetings to show slides or demonstrate a process.

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Google Chat Messaging Service

Google Chat offers one-on-one or group chat options for fast, efficient chats with advanced collaboration features like working on collaborative files or keeping track of tasks and projects.

These proposals from the technology giant make it possible to organize individual and group conversations by creating chat rooms and using bots in these rooms. The interesting thing about this app is that it allows users to sync all their messages no matter what device they are using, even if someone has changed them.

It is not only an app that can send text messages to contacts; it can also send Word or PowerPoint documents; You can also save these files to your Google Drive account.

Like applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, the Google application also offers users the possibility of making calls and video calls with other users of the platform.

Google Office Products: Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Google Workspace offers a complete suite of online productivity applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentations, without the need for any special software. Along with other creative tools like forms or whiteboards. All apps can be used on any device with or without an internet connection. You can work on the same document with other people in real time, and track changes, keeping the history of previous versions indefinitely.

Free Workspace Google Office Products

One of the best things about Google Workspace is that you can access and use all the tools just with the free version, which is more than enough for personal use or for a small team.

However, if you plan to use this site for a business environment, you should be aware that the free version has several limitations:

  • You cannot personalize emails with your company name.
  • Video calls are limited to 50 participants, compared to 100 on the cheapest plan.
  • Storage space is limited to 15 GB compared to 30 GB for the Business Starter edition.
  • It does not include any type of assistance.
  • It does not include additional security settings such as two-factor authentication.


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