Examples of Educational Software to Know!

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Examples of Educational Software

Examples of Educational Software to Learn About Everything, Organized!

Before we start exploring examples of educational software, it is important to know what they are, and what their characteristics and types are:

  1. What Is Educational Software?
  2. Types Of Educational Programs
  3. 14 Examples of Educational SoftwareIn this section we present you with a list of examples so you can learn more about the most popular and frequently used educational software.
    1. Learn About Space, Planets, Math, and Much More with These Educational Software
    2. Use Educational Software to Organize, Manage, Control, and Administer Educational Centers
    3. Examples of Educational Software with Very Useful Tools
    4. Examples Of Educational Software Compatible with Third-Party Tools
    5. Some Other Great Tools to Help Organize Education Programs

What Is Educational Software?

Educational software is designed to support the teaching and learning process at any educational level. It is an educational tool that is specially developed for this purpose. They are also known as educational platforms, tutorials, or educational computers.


Characteristics of Educational Software
For a program to be considered educational software, it must meet at least five of the following characteristics:
- Have an educational objective.
- Digital device to access it (computer, smartphone, etc.).

- Be interactive.

- Have built-in job customization.

- Easy to use.

Understanding these features will be easier after looking at all the examples of educational software.

Types Of Educational Programs

Educational software can be classified into the following categories:
Tasks: These are programs that include a series of exercises for students to solve and learn.

Tutorials: These are educational programs that reinforce the topics learned in class.

Simulators: represent equations, processes, or natural phenomena in an intuitive and attractive way.

Educational Games: Use games as a learning tool.

After going through the list, you will be able to differentiate them based on their type and it will be easier for you to choose the right one for your needs.

Now that we have a brief idea of what educational software is, its characteristics, and the types that exist, we can start talking about educational software.


14 Examples of Educational Software
In this section we present you with a list of examples so you can learn more about the most popular and frequently used educational software.

Take advantage of this list, check out these great tools, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Let's start with the first 3 examples:

1 - Cmap Tools
Designed to create concept maps, they are a valuable resource when learning because they help organize ideas and capture knowledge graphically. It is suitable for all education levels, allowing both, teachers, and students, to take advantage of this type of graph.

2 - Moodle
It is one of the most widely used learning platforms in the world and allows you to create your own learning space to put all kinds of content. Ideal for creating virtual classrooms or lesson spaces that can elaborate tests, assess students, track their grades, delivery times, and class attendance.

3- Canvas

This tool allows to create posters, presentations, infographics or billboards with the many templates available. It has a category specially designed for education where you can find templates for creating certificates, educational presentations, daily agendas, etc. Its use is very simple and it has a multitude of tools.

We've seen 3 of the 14 educational software examples on our list; let’s get into some specific areas of education.

Learn About Space, Planets, Math, and Much More with These Educational Software

In this list you will find tools to help you teach different topics, making your lessons livelier and more interactive.

4 - Geogebra
With a lot of material focused on mathematics, it offers more than a million activities, exercises, lessons, and games to practice this subject. In addition, it has a 3D graphic and scientific calculator that allows students to solve all kinds of equation or function problems, the results of which can be viewed in three dimensions.

5 - Celestia
The goal of this tool is to learn about space and all the planets that make up the solar system, allowing students to explore the universe in three dimensions. It allows them to take a trip to any galaxy or star, and thanks to its zoom engine, you can zoom in to see it closer. It also serves as an interactive planetarium.

6 - Educamos
Educamos is defined as a great puzzle that can be adapted to the needs of each school or institute. What distinguishes this program is that it uses the advantages of digital resources to present a different offer in the market. The Educamos platform provides a unique database where each member of the faculty, or professor can manage the activity of each specific field. This tool integrates features related to home-school communication, assessment, sequence of instruction, grades, report cards, etc.

In addition, you can also get real-time reports on individual students' performance, schedules, activities, and more. This platform is uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet with just one click.

Let’s move onto some more examples of educational software; this time they will help with organization.

Use Educational Software to Organize, Manage, Control, and Administer Educational Centers

These tools facilitate the organization, administration, and communication within your student center.

7 - Phidias

Some of the best schools in the world use Phidias. It is one of the most complete, safe, and intuitive educational software out there. It oversees the activities of each department of an educational institution. This platform is uploaded in the cloud, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. On the academic side, it provides the ability to administer tests online, assign homework, or generate reports on student performance. For the rest, it consolidates functions related to budgeting, sending messages and notifications to family groups, or planning school transport routes. If you want to track the activities of an educational institution, this tool is a great choice.

8 - Gescola

It should be noted that Gescola is one of the most complete examples of educational software that can be used to control and manage an educational center. Part of its added value is that it is flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of each organization. Furthermore, it provides regular updates to improve its structure over time.

Gescola is one of the educational software that allows to control and manage personal schedules, class schedules, note-taking, messages or tutorials, to name a few. What most users highlight is the simplicity of its interface. It adapts to the screen of any mobile device or PC with internet access.

Examples of Educational Software
Examples of Educational Software

Examples of Educational Software with Very Useful Tools

On this list there are examples of educational software that provide very interesting tools to automate many processes within an educational center, in addition to providing the option of remote education for those students who have transportation difficulties.

9 - Gqdalya

It is a foundation that encompasses each of the parts that can make up a nursery school, so it is divided into different units.

Its first sector is oriented to the economic part. For example, this includes finance, accounting, billing, or collection functions.

The teaching and communication department focuses on collecting reports on the teaching process, evaluation, didactic content, etc.

While the corporate division is solely responsible for managing digital resources, social networks, and online services. Finally, it has its own quality unit to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and all the employees of the facilities.

10 - Aula1
If you are looking for a computer program with functionality for everyone, Aula1 is the one. Their platform is divided into 3 different portals for different purposes: families, teachers, and administrators. Through the administrator’s portal, operations related to accounting, finance, billing and official documents can be controlled and managed.

Aula1 is one of the most complete educational software to manage the teaching of students, and obtain proper communication between teachers, students, and parents.

The Teacher Portal includes features to speed up the teaching process, curate subject-based content, update assessment ideas, and generally simplify work. On the Aula1 family portal, the communication channel is always open to address the concerns of parents or tutors. It is one of the most accurate and effective examples of educational software.


Examples Of Educational Software Compatible with Third-Party Tools

We all are familiar with some of the free tools provided by Google, Microsoft, and other companies; in this list; you will find educational software that is compatible with these tools.

11 - Esemtia

Without a doubt, Esemtia is one of those examples of educational software that works very well. It belongs to the Edebé group and has a very broad platform, which can be used by preschool centers or professional training institutes alike. The goal is to organize the community of each entity to work as a team.

Its administrative department manages billing, accounting, and subscription assignments. Esemtia also provides functionality that allows teachers and professors to teach, assess, and guide student learning activities. Even better, it acts as a two-way communication channel to stay in touch with teachers, students, and families.

Some Other Great Tools to Help Organize Education Programs

12 - Clickedu

Clickedu is one of the examples of educational software whose database is located in the Cloud. It is a computer program that promotes an interactive and effective learning environment. It provides features that help to better manage the academic, administrative, and economic fields.

Clickedu 's scope includes details such as the coordination of school transportation, the canteen service, financial, and accounting reports, the control of human resources, and even class assignments. Everything is perfectly planned by this software. In addition, it provides a virtual learning environment, facilitating editing, documentation, or evaluation according to the criteria of each subject.

13 - IesFácil

The particularity of IesFácil is that it is characterized by a program that includes several apps designed to improve the performance of teachers and administrators.

Furthermore, all its applications are cloud-based and scalable for any school, academy, or university.

Some of its applications focus on the teacher-student dynamic, with the idea of making the teaching process as easy and fun as possible. It also provides other applications for two-way communication between parents and the center.


14- ClassLink

ClassLink is the solution to unify the activities of teachers and students, since everyone can access its platform, and a large amount of multimedia academic materials. The most unique thing about it, is that you can also use resources from Microsoft, Google, and other applications to complement the teaching.

Among its administrative functions, ClassLink publishes statistics, reports, and graphs to evaluate the performance of teachers and other staff. It also measures response time and compliance with the objectives set in the school schedule. It is one of the most interesting examples of educational software, and it has a lot to offer.


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